Robert McCreight


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Personal Philosophy

“Focus on the process, rather than the result.”

~ David Jones

About Robert

As a government relations consultant, Robert joined the Capital Hill Group in 2015 following his extensive political experience managing the legislative activities and day to day operations in the legislative office of a Member of Parliament. During his time on the Hill, Robert gained an in-depth understanding of party and parliamentary dynamics, stakeholder relations, parliamentary procedure, committee work, communications strategy, and constituency business.

As an experienced government relations consultant, Robert has developed and implemented robust advocacy strategies and has a record of achieving significant results for his clients through a targeted and persistent approach.

Robert engages with multiple government departments and Minister’s Offices to raise client’s profiles and provides guidance to his clients on how to navigate the federal legislative and budget processes. As an extension of his clients’ teams, Robert also regularly delivers presentations and participates in panel discussions at various events and conferences on behalf of his clients.  

On his own time, Robert records and produces his own music, plays soccer, and rock climbs.

Robert holds a Certificate of Bilingual Excellence (EN/FR) and a Master’s degree in Public and International Affairs from York University, Glendon College. If you’re looking for a government relations consultant with extensive experience in the Canadian Government, reach out to Robert.

Career Highlights

  • Legislative and Member’s Assistant to a Member of Parliament;
  • Program Officer at the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council;
  • Project Coordinator at a Planning Entity for French Healthcare Services in the GTA.

Services Specialty

Services - Canadian Policy and regulations
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Areas of Expertise

Canadian Employment and Social Services
Housing &
Social Support
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Aboriginal Issues & Arctic Sovereignty
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