Research and Monitoring

Research and monitoring of government relations activities is crucial to assist in the formation of an overall client strategy. In order to effectively craft your government relations strategy, you need to be informed. CHG employs a team of Researchers whose specific focus is to uncover and stay on top of government decisions and decision-making processes to keep clients as informed as possible. Relevant Information = Well-crafted GR strategy = Results.

How CHG Differs in Monitoring

Timing is critical. Having accurate and up-to-date information can determine an organization’s success or failure. The Capital Hill Group closely monitors a number of sources:

  • National and regional news media
  • House of Commons proceedings
  • Senate activities
  • Ontario Legislature proceedings
  • City Council proceedings
  • Standing Committee meetings relevant to our clients’ interests
  • Government and Opposition websites
  • Press conferences
  • Special appointments and announcements
  • Regulatory processes
  • International developments impacting on clients


Our researchers carefully search for information, events, and developments that could impact our clients’ business, offering daily monitoring, weekly updates, quick alerts, and/or detailed reports such as the Queen’s Park Monitor or the Hill Update.

Complementary to our monitoring services, we provide detailed research and analysis of specific policies, programs, and/or regulations related to client interests. Our knowledge and experience informs our in-depth understanding of issues and allows us to deliver high-quality analyses with actionable conclusions. This strategic advice helps our clients to anticipate and respond to government and industry actions to maximize opportunities and avoid adverse effects.

Our Process

CHG researchers keep meticulous lists and reference materials to ensure client relevant information is captured and disseminated in a professional and easily understandable format. Parliamentary process and understand how government’s function can be challenging to understand for someone without direct experience to understand.  

CHG researchers have experience working directly in government offices and understand how legislation is passed. What we do is take these directives and break them down into digestible bits of content.

Recent Highlights

  • Identifying Government of Ontario Funding Model for Post Secondary Institutions
  • Researching specific Government of Canada funding programs for your business
  • Federal Funding Options for Green Infrastructure Investments
  • Identifying Federal Government Priority areas for Municipalities