Municipal Affairs

In Canada, there is a third major player directly affecting the everyday lives of Canadians in addition to the federal and provincial governments. Municipalities also play a crucial and direct role and offer our clients opportunities in a wide range of existing and emerging sectors.

As municipalities look for innovative ways to deliver better services while keeping an eye on their budgets, they are looking for opportunities to achieve just that.

How CHG Helps You With Municipalities

CHG consultants have major connections within major municipalities in Canada from their time in government and their many years in the business to get results and opportunities for our clients.

Our knowledge, experience, and connections position us to operate as effectively at the municipal level as we do at the federal and provincial levels.

Government Relations strategies at the municipal level can support and reinforce other efforts at the national and/or provincial levels.

Municipal governments play an extensive role in the everyday lives of Canadians, from providing social services and transit to environmental services like waste management. A Government Relations strategy that ignores municipal decision-makers ignores many important opportunities.


CHG consultants have significant experience working with municipal governments and have assisted municipal partners with all facets of municipal relations, from procurement to economic development to infrastructure and much more.

We can help your organization

  • Develop strong relationships with municipal government officials
  • Acquire funding through municipal programming and initiatives
  • Position your issues at the top of the municipal agenda
  • Facilitate connections with industry and government leaders at the municipal level
  • Establish your organization as an expert whose advice is sought at all levels of government

Our Philosophy

“We must open the doors and we must see to it they remain open, so that others can pass through.”

~ Rosemary Brown, politician, activist, and Canada’s first black female member of a provincial legislature