Indigenous Affairs

Our consultants have made progress with the Indigenous Affairs sector. For over 30 years, CHG has worked collaboratively with respected First Nations, Metis, and Inuit partners to produce positive results for these communities.

How CHG Differs in Indigenous Affairs

We are well-positioned and prepared to assist our clients in crises and long-term strategic positioning and development. CHG has helped promote Canadian Indigenous Services for over 3 decades.Our experts have organized lobby days, held government relations seminars, facilitated partnerships with industry, identified financing opportunities, and secured federal and provincial funding for our clients. 

Crucial in these initiatives was our knowledge of government policies and processes. It enabled us to remain on top of new developments and provide timely advice to our clients.

indigenous affairs Services include

  • Economic development
  • Environmental management
  • Health care delivery
  • Land claims
  • Cultural initiatives
  • Mining and resource development
  • Targeted stimulus funding
  • Tax exemption and financial services